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Offline Referral Program with NextBee

Referral traffic is often a huge source of revenue for businesses worldwide. When a customer is satisfied with a brand, they can't wait to tell their friends about it. This is the basic mindset behind all of our referral programs, online and offline.

You're in complete control of all the details: choose the amount of points you want to give for a referral, or a referral sale, the rewards you would like to give to users (third party gift cards such as Amazon, in store credit, or even a product from your store), as well as the method in which you would like to track and give points to these users.


Tracking your referring customers is made easy with NextBee's offline referral program. Offer your customers a member club card. This card would have a QR code which could be scanned by your store scanner or even a mobile device. You can also track your users activity by manually uploading this data into our system. Just note down the referred customer, the user who referred them, and upload into our system. The referrer will then get credit.

You can also get these referrers recruited into your store. Just offer them a discount or some incentive as a thank you for referring their friends, and they can begin shopping with you as well.

Offer each walk in customer a printable referrer card, which they can pass out to their friends. These friends will then come to your establishment, hand you the card, and you can give the referrer credit there and then using our easy to use dashboard.

We send out email notifications to users for various updates in their account including when they receive points, when their friend signs up, and more. This way a user can even continue referring their friends through online channels within your offline program, so you can still tap into the ever groing social media channels. From here, users can also download printable cards which they can pass out to their friends.

If you are an online business and are planning on hosting or attending a conference or industry event, then you can also use this channel to get referrals through personal interactions, on the fly.

Metrics Driven for Invaluable Insights

Keep track of all the new traffic, sales and buzz your offline referral promotions generate with NextBee's best-in-breed analytics software. Our intuitive dashboards can be used to create segmented reports which can be viewed by:

  • Date Range
  • Rewards
  • User Points
  • Referrals
  • the list goes on...

If there is ever a specific report you need that isn't in our standard list of reports, simply send a message to your account manager and they'll get if out to you right away.

Our team genuinely enjoys finding new, innovative ways to maximize our client's marketing and customer acquisition efforts and is dedicated to customer service, comprehensive reporting and, above all else, delivering ROI positive results.

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